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    Strategic Plan 2016-2019

    “A Strategic Plan allows for planning, execution, and reflection to occur for
    StudentsNS. With such a high turnover of Board members, StudentsNS believes
    that a long-term strategic plan is essential to ensure that the goals of StudentsNS
    are not lost. Each year, the new Board will be able to use this Strategic Plan as
    a measurement tool, a guiding document, and a reminder of work yet to be
    accomplished. Our hope is that the affordability, accessibility, quality of post-secondary education continue to improve, while maintaining a strong role for the student voice. The five strategic directions StudentsNS will take with this Strategic Plan are: 

    1. Improving access and affordability to post-secondary education in Nova Scotia.
    2. Ensuring more post-secondary graduates can stay in Nova Scotia to work.
    3. Increasing student participation in civic engagement.
    4. Building strategic and multi-sectorial partnerships.
    5. Continuing to strengthen StudentsNS membership.

    The 2016-2017 StudentsNS Board is excited to tackle these challenges as a part of a long history of strong student advocacy within our organization.”