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    Request for Proposals: Student Union Democratic Governance Review

    StudentsNS is seeking a consultant to conduct a review of Student Union Democratic Governance in Nova Scotia under the supervision of an Advisory Committee. Participating Student Unions will include the Acadia Students’ Union, Cape Breton University Students’ Union, Dalhousie Agricultural Students Association, Saint Francis Xavier University Students’ Union and Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association. StudentsNS is offering a $10,000 total contract to complete the work (taxes-in) plus incidentals (notably travel).

    Student associations are among the only organizations in Canada that represent young people as a demographic group with unique challenges worthy of policy attention. Among such organizations, student associations are likely the most democratically accountable as their leadership is generally elected by memberships numbering in the thousands. They provide unique spaces for incubating young leaders, who are empowered to represent their peers while exercising decision-making over very significant resources.