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This position paper explores the challenges Nova Scotia students face in accessing housing they can afford, how governments and universities plan for student housing, and how Nova Scotia protects students as tenants. It builds on existing literature that suggests a strong correlation between adequate housing and academic success, and addresses the structural ways that students interact with the supply and affordability of housing, notably in ways that affect the availability and access of low-income families to affordable housing. We confirm that students face significant challenges in accessing suitable housing that they can afford, notably because of limited supply, limited financial assistance and high university residence costs. We also find, however, that governments and universities are not planning for off-campus student housing or collecting adequate data, which undermines efforts to ensure all Nova Scotians access to affordable housing. Finally, we demonstrate that tenant protections in Nova Scotia are systematically inadequate, which leaves students, like other tenants, vulnerable to abuse. The report includes a series of recommendations that Students Nova Scotia believes would help address these challenges, improving housing affordability and quality not just for students, but for all Nova Scotians.