Student Union Governance Review Survey

Call for Submissions

Survey on Nova Scotia Student Association Governance Review

Submission Deadline: 7 November 2014

Several Nova Scotia student associations have launched an independent review of their governance, engagement, and accountability. The participating student associations include: Acadia Students’ Union, Cape Breton University Students’ Union, Dalhousie Agricultural Students Association, Saint Francis Xavier University Students’ Union, and Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association. The purpose of the review is to ensure that Nova Scotia students association are democratic, accountable, transparent, responsible, and representative of the student populations they serve. To that end, the review is to identify governance, engagement, and accountability short-comings and best practices and to provide recommendations. For information on the terms of reference click here.

One component of the independent review is an open submission opportunity. The purpose of the open submissions is two-fold: 1) to gather input from current students and student leaders, alumni, association staff, and university administrators of the participating campuses on current student association governance, and 2) to gather insight from student leaders, full-time association staff, and university administrators across the country on common challenges faced by student associations and the best practices developed to address these challenges. For participants not associated with the participating campuses, this is an invitation to comment on the identified themes of the review as they relate to your campus. Participants are not expected to answer every question and should only answer questions relevant to their interest and experiences. An open question has also been provided at the end of the survey.


All submissions will be visible solely to the consultant. Information used from the submissions is not for attribution. All participants will be noted and thanked for their contributions at the end of the report. Frivolous and irrelevant submissions will be discarded.

For inquiries and concerns please contact the consultant, Michael Hughes