StudentsNS puts an extensive amount of time and care into the research that directs its policy recommendations, lobbying efforts, and campaigns. This page is devoted to compiling research and documentation that students and advocates interested in post-secondary education issues can draw from. If you have any questions or have ideas about resources that you’d like us to add, please drop us a note!

Nova Scotia Commission on Building Our New Economy – Now or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians


Post-Secondary Education Statistics – Data Sources
Local Sources

National Sources

International Sources


Nova Scotia’s University System

Overall Summary, Structure, Function, Enrolment and Demographics

Economic, Social and Cultural Impacts


Nova Scotia’s Community College System

MOU between the NSCC and the Province

Economic Impact


Funding Post-Secondary Education
Local Sources

National Sources


Tuition & Fees; Student Financial Assistance & Student Debt


Non-Financial Accessibility of Post-Secondary Education


Student Health


International Students


Government Websites (Departments Responsible for PSE Issues)


General Post-Secondary Resources