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Advocacy Week Reports:

Advocacy Week 2018: Innovating Accessibility and Affordability: A Student Vision for Nova Scotia’s Post-Secondary System

Advocacy Week 2017: Improving Nova Scotia’s Post-Secondary System


Vision Papers:

Shared Perspectives: A Joint Publication on Preparing Students for the Workforce
(French Version) (April 2019)

Shared Perspectives: A Joint Publication on Campus Sexual Violence Prevention and Response (French Version) (May 2018)

Shared Perspectives – A Joint Publication on Student Mental Health (August 2017)

Focus on Need: A Vision for Student Finance and the Student Movement (February 2015)


Position Papers:

The Memorandum of Understanding: Student Recommendations for a Sustainable University System in Nova Scotia (December 2018)

Opportunity for All? Exploring the social Barriers to Post-Secodary Education in Nova Scotia (March 2017)

Fees, Funding and Student Voice at the Nova Scotia Community College (April 2015)

Disable the Label: Improving Post-secondary Policy, Practice and Academic Culture for Students with Disabilities (December 2014)

No More Farewells: Making a Place for Youth in Nova Scotia’s Economy (September 2014)

Focus on Learning: A Student Vision for Improving Post-Secondary Education in Nova Scotia (May 2014)

Students and Off-Campus Housing in Nova Scotia: Building Fair and Sustainable Solutions (February 2014)

From Worst to First: How Nova Scotia Can Lead the Pack on Student Financial Assistance (November 2013)

International Students and the Future of Nova Scotia’s Universities (June 2013)

Fairness in Nova Scotia University Funding: Who Pays and How Much? (May 2013)

Getting the Most from our Universities: A New Approach to System Planning and Funding (January 2013)


Pre-Budget Submissions:

Innovating Accessibility and Affordability: Pre-Budget Submission 2019

Investing Smarter in Nova Scotia’s Students StudentsNS Pre-Budget Submission 2017

Investing in Nova Scotia’s Future, Today: 2016 Pre-Budget Submission

Engaging in Healthy Competition for International Students: 2015 Pre-Budget Submission

Mission Impossible: A Case Study – 2015 Pre-Budget Submission

Enhancing Capacities and Fostering Potential for Nova Scotia: 2014 Pre-Budget Submission

Investing in Students, Investing in Nova Scotia: 2013 Pre-Budget Submission


Case Studies:

Making Sense of Fees, Debt and Unmet Need: Case Studies in Nova Scotia Post-Secondary Student Finance


Independent Reviews:

A Blueprint for Student Driven, Professionally Supported Student Associations (February 2015)

Student Safety in Nova Scotia: A Review of Student Union Policies and Practices to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Overconsumption of Alcohol (February 2014)

Student Safety in Nova Scotia: A Review of Student Union Policies and Practices to Prevent Sexual Violence (January 2014)

Proposed Position on Sexual Violence & Sexual Assault for Student Unions (2014)


The 2009 Canadian Student Survey:

The Illiteracy of the Literate: The Lack of Financial Knowledge among Canadian University Students

Next Steps: Upper-Year Canadian PSE Students’ Future Plans and Debt

Summer Work and Paying for Post Secondary Education


Other Publications:

Summit on Youth in the Nova Scotia Economy – Final Report (July 2014)

The State of Women’s Involvement in Post-Secondary Student Politics in Nova Scotia (May 2013)


If you require access to any StudentsNS document in an accessible format, please contact us at equity@studentsns.ca.