Students Speak Out

Students speak out is a campaign of Students Nova Scotia, the provincial advocacy group that represents almost 40,000 university students across the Province. As a province confronting very real demographic pressures, and where young people face serious economic obstacles, StudentsNS and it’s members believe that student debt is more than an individual problem; it is a social issue that affects Nova Scotia’s ability to attract and retain young, educated people who contribute immeasurably to our society. Students Speak out aims to put a face on student debt for government and the general public, presenting testimonials of local, national and international students attending Nova Scotia’s post-secondary institutions who must constantly navigate the pressures that come with figuring out how to pay for school, how to carry their debt into their post-graduate lives, and the feelings of powerlessness that many feel because of the consistently high-cost of education. But ¬†we can’t do it alone. We need the help of students across Nova Scotia to raise awareness on student debt.

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Even if you don’t have student debt but would like to get involved, you can! E-mail us or if you’ve got a story you’d like to share, why not visit our campaign on Facebook and let us know there or simply hashtag your tweet #studentsspeakout. Another way to get involved is to volunteer on campus and help spread the word. Remember, we’ll only be heard on student debt if we raise our voices and speak out!

Students Speak Out in 2014

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