Saint Mary’s University Student Association represents all students at that institution. It was a founding member of ANSSA in 2003.

SMU students voted by more than a 2/3 majority to become a full voting member of the organization during their 2013 general elections.

The Numbers

Undergraduate Enrolment 6,255 FT, 629 PT, 6,904 total

Undergraduate Tuition: Arts – $6,860 Sciences – $7,040

Graduate Enrolment 348 FT, 334 PT

Graduate Tuition: Arts – $4,542 Sciences – $5,118

International Enrolment 1,918 FT, 25.3% of total population

International Tuition: Arts (UG) – $14,750, Sciences (UG) – $15,140, Arts (G) – $9,765, Sciences (G) – $11,651

Board Members

Bryn de Chastelain

Bryn de Chastelain

Bryn is a third year Political Science and Economics student at Saint Mary's University. Currently, Bryn serves as Vice President Academic and Advocacy for the Saint Mary's University Student Association (SMUSA). He is keen to pursue predictable tuition programs for all students, as well as examining the structure of Co-op programming. He is also excited to facilitate student engagement with StudentsNS to ensure that important student issues are being discussed with relevant members of government.