Saint Mary’s University Student Association represents all students at that institution. It was a founding member of ANSSA in 2003.

SMU students voted by more than a 2/3 majority to become a full voting member of the organization during their 2013 general elections.

The Numbers

Undergraduate Enrolment 6,255 FT, 629 PT, 6,904 total

Undergraduate Tuition: Arts – $6,860 Sciences – $7,040

Graduate Enrolment 348 FT, 334 PT

Graduate Tuition: Arts – $4,542 Sciences – $5,118

International Enrolment 1,918 FT, 25.3% of total population

International Tuition: Arts (UG) – $14,750, Sciences (UG) – $15,140, Arts (G) – $9,765, Sciences (G) – $11,651

Board Members

Collette Robert

Collette Robert

Collette Robert is pursuing her Masters of Applied Science in Neuroscience at SMU. As a graduate of her BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a minor in Biology, Collette is a strong advocate for mental wellbeing and student accessibility. On a provincial level, Collette's beliefs align with those of StudentsNS, and she is passionate about change among the students of Nova Scotia.

Ben Gaunce

Ben Gaunce

[email protected]

Ben Gaunce is in his senior year at SMU, pursuing an honours degree in Psychology and a major in Spanish and Latin American Studies. As Vice President University Affairs, Ben sits on both internal and external committees with the goal of representing and voicing the needs of the SMU student body. He aspires to provide equal opportunity to all students and hopes to realize this aspiration with the help of StudentsNS.