Kingstec Nova Scotia Community College Student Association (NSCCSA) represents the students at the NSCC’s Kingstec Campus in Kentville. Kingstec NSCCSA joined StudentsNS as an associate member in October 2013, bringing community college students into the fold for the first time. It moved to full member status in April 2014.

The Numbers

Full Time Enrolment:
908 full-time

Part-Time Enrolment:
79 part-time

2013-2014 tuition costs:
Full-time Certificate and Diploma Programs: $2,950
Full-time Advanced Diploma Programs: $4,515
International Students $9,515

Board Members

Jessica Reddick

Jessica Reddick

Originally from Cape Breton, Jessica Reddick served as a corporate manager in the Halifax restaurant industry from 2014-17. This led Jessica to develop a passion for leadership and community. Her experiences inspired her to pursue a certification in Business Administration at NSCC. She is currently leading an alumni mentorship project through the NSCC is ME initiative to connect students to graduates and their local community. With StudentsNS, Jessica hopes to advocate for the rights of international students in order to encourage sustainable population growth, stimulating a reliable workforce for the evolving Nova Scotia economy.