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In this position paper, we discuss the significance of international students for Nova Scotia, their challenges and supports, and propose policy changes that would best promote their success. Nova Scotia needs international students as potential immigrants, to maintain enrolment at our universities, and for their important economic and cultural contributions. However, our province and universities currently do little to support these students’ success, particularly considering the significant financial, linguistic, cultural, social, immigration and employment-related challenges they confront. We make a number of recommendations to address these shortfalls. First, the Province should develop an international education strategy in partnership with other stakeholders. Second, we should link international student tuition to the cost of supporting them and offer financial assistance to attract the best students. Third, we should guarantee that students who come to Nova Scotia will acquire the language fluency needed to succeed in Canada’s labour market. Fourth, we should deliver much more adequate institutional and community supports for students. Finally, we should provide significant immigration and employment services so the interested students can succeed in our labour market and successfully immigrate.