StudentsNS works to be both a resource for reliable information on post-secondary education in Nova Scotia, and also a meeting point bringing together student associations and other community groups.

The Organization does this in three ways:

1) We Partner: StudentsNS develops partnerships with community groups and civic organizations that share common interests with Nova Scotia students.

2) We Disseminate: StudentsNS helps student groups communicate messages and peak interest in their initiatives, by spreading the word into our communities across the province through an extensive network of community, media and government contacts.

3) We facilitate: StudentsNS helps student associations reach out when they perceive issues to affect the broader communities that they belong to, while we also work closely with any groups or individuals trying to connect with student associations across the province.

If you or your community organization are trying to figure out how best to consult with student associations, or would like to pursue an initiative together with Nova Scotia students, pleaseĀ contact us.