StudentsNS wants you to get involved! Help strengthen Nova Scotia students’ voice and post-secondary accessibility, affordability and quality! There are a few ways to get involved:
  1. We currently have a vacancy for Student Office Manager. Please click the following link to see job description. Contact Clancy McDaniel at for more information.
  2. Sign up for our newsletter! We'll keep you up to date on developments that matter to students, and ways to get involved with the various projects we're working on.
  3. Contact our Director of Engagement if you want to take part in one of our campaigns, research projects, or other initiatives. You can also share your own ideas, concerns and initiatives, and we’ll try to connect you with resources, and people or organizations that can help or who might need your help.
  4. Participate in a student assembly. We depend on you and your participation to give voice to student issues and steer policy.
  5. Contact your local student associations. If you’re interested in getting involved in departmental, faculty, campus, or institutional level student life and politics, your student association is the best place to start. Click here for a list of our members and their contact information.
  6. If you feel strongly about a certain issue Contact your local MLA. A complete listing of the MLA's within Nova Scotia are available here.
We would love to hear your questions and ideas. So, please contact us!