Students: Nova Scotia Weakening University Accountability

April 23, 2015

Halifax, NS – Notwithstanding legislation brought forward yesterday, the Government of Nova Scotia has undermined university accountability according to Students Nova Scotia. By deregulating tuition at Nova Scotia’s universities, the Government has granted the institutions more financial control than anywhere else in Canada, while also excluding students from the Memorandum of Understanding negotiations with the universities for the first time since 2005. More

Students Enraged by Government’s Anti-Youth Stance

April 9, 2015

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – Today, the Nova Scotia Government announced multiple steps to substantially increase the cost of university, reduce student financial support and undermine university accountability. In particular, tuition fees are being deregulated for all students in 2015-16, then capped only for Nova Scotian undergraduates at 3% per year moving forward, leaving all other students unprotected. More

Report: Not Enough Attention Paid to NSCC Students

April 1, 2015

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – A groundbreaking report released this morning by Students Nova Scotia argues for changes for the Province and the NSCC to better support NSCC students and strengthen their voices. Fees, Funding and Student Voice at the Nova Scotia Community College examines fee and funding levels, financial assistance and governance, arguing for steps to ensure the NSCC delivers on its mandate. More