Nova Scotia Students Distressed by Continued Tuition Growth

April 23, 2014

For Immediate Release

Nova Scotia students are frustrated by the Provincial Government’s decision to permit 3% tuition growth at Nova Scotia’s universities for the 2014-15. The news comes just weeks after the Province eliminated the Graduate Retention Rebate and cut $35 million from support for students and graduates.

“We are very disappointed by another decision to increase the financial burden on Nova Scotia’s students and graduates,” said StudentsNS Chair, Amy Brierley. “This government criticized the previous government’s cuts and tuition hikes, but is doing just the same now that they are in power.” More

Students Shocked by Budget Betrayal

April 3, 2014

For immediate release

Halifax, Nova Scotia- Students were shocked today by the Province’s budget that it will be eliminating the Graduate Retention Rebate without reallocating funding to support youth success in Nova Scotia. Compared with new expenditures on supporting student and graduate employment, the Province will be saving approximately $33.85 million in 2014-15. More