Review provides guidelines for student action on alcohol safety

February 26, 2014

For Immediate Release 

Halifax, NS – Today, Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) released Student Safety in Nova Scotia: A Review of Student Union Policies and Practices to Reduce the Harmful Effects of Overconsumption of Alcohol. The independent review includes 31 recommendations for student union programming and advocacy to reduce dangerous alcohol consumption. More

Students Nova Scotia Enthusiastically Welcomes Ivany Commission Report

February 12, 2014

Halifax, NS – This morning, the Ivany Commission released Now Or Never: An Urgent Call to Action for Nova Scotians, which highlights the imperative for action to improve Nova Scotia’s economic and demographic reality. StudentsNS welcomed the report’s analysis and goals, which underline especially the importance of supporting the labour market and post-secondary success of youth and other newcomers.

“The Ivany Commission report’s message resonates strongly with the work we have been doing in the last year and a half on demographics, post-secondary education and employment, and the need for Nova Scotia to do better with our assets,” said StudentsNS Vice Chair, Matthew Rios. “Nova Scotia’s circumstances unequivocally demand action, but as indicated by the Ivany Commission we have remarkable opportunities to turn our province around if we work together and act more strategically.”


Enthusiastic Consent Campaign Launched by Nova Scotia student unions

February 11, 2014

Halifax, NS – Today, Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) and its partner student unions launched an education campaign to promote greater understanding of consent among students. The campaign features posters, stickers for condom wrappers and a website: The website will be advertised on social media platforms around high-risk times (Friday nights, special school events) with a simple, powerful message: tentative responses such as “I guess” or even “…sure” are inadequate. Consent needs to be loud and clear.

“This campaign is sending the simple message that consent must be clear, confident, enthusiastic, or else it’s sexual assault”, said Callie Lathem, Acadia Students’ Union Equity Officer and Chair of the Review’s steering committee. “We are letting students know that there either is consent or there isn’t, and if it isn’t clear it absolutely isn’t there.”


Report Recommends Student Housing Planning and Strengthened Tenant Protections

February 6, 2014

For Immediate Release  

Halifax, N.S. — A report released today by Students Nova Scotia recommends significant changes in policies impacting student housing. It argues that a widespread failure to plan for students is aggravating the housing challenges facing all low-income renters in university communities across Nova Scotia, and that the rules intended to protect tenants from abusive landlords are inadequate.

“In communities with universities vacancy rates are significantly lower than elsewhere and affordable rental housing is in short supply, largely as a result of student demand,” said Williams. “Universities and governments must recognize the challenges in university communities and take greater responsibility in ensuring their students and vulnerable community members are adequately housed.” More