SMU Students Vote Over 2/3rds in Favour of Full Membership in Students Nova Scotia

February 15, 2013

(February 17th update: Results released the day after the election show that the referendum question for StudentsNS received over 75 percent support among voting students–which was roughly 12 percent of the eligible student body)

The results of the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA) annual elections were announced yesterday evening. SMU Students voted overwhelmingly in support of full membership in Students Nova Scotia. In moving from associate to full membership SMU students will roughly double their financial contribution and obtain full voting rights within StudentsNS.

“We’re very pleased with the outcome of this referendum,” said Jonathan Williams, Executive Director of Students Nova Scotia. “We have to thank the students of SMU for their commitment to and confidence in our organization.”


Nova Scotia Students Relieved that End In Sight for St. FX Strike

February 14, 2013

Today, students at StFX and across Nova Scotia are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, as a tentative agreement has been reached between the StFX administration and the StFXAUT. The agreement, which will go to a vote of the AUT members tomorrow, would allow students to return to class on Monday.  More

Nova Scotia Students Call for Binding Arbitration to End St. FX Strike

February 12, 2013

Students Nova Scotia today joins with the St. FX Students’ Union in calling on the St. FX Administration and AUT to move into binding arbitration and end their labour dispute. Importantly, students are not calling for a resolution within the framework of final-offer-by-package arbitration earlier proposed by St. FX’s administration. Rather, students would hope that the open arbitration could be permitted to find reasonable middle ground between the parties’ last proposals. More

Students very pleased as Nova Scotia minimum wage rises

February 2, 2013

Students were very pleased today to see the Nova Scotia Government approve a 15-cent increase to the province’s minimum wage, keeping it near the basic standard set by the low income cut off (LICO). Since 2004, the minimum hourly wage in Nova Scotia has risen from $6.50 to $10.30.

Students make up a significant proportion of the Nova Scotia workforce that is paid minimum wage. According to Statistics Canada, “close to 80% of teenagers and young adults hold a part-time minimum-wage job while pursuing their studies.” Almost two-thirds of minimum wage workers are under the age of 25, totalling one-in-six workers – and one-in-five women workers – in this age bracket. In total, approximately 63,000 employees in Nova Scotia earned wages near the minimum (below $10/hour) in 2009. More