Steady Wins: NS Budget Responds to Growing Demands in Post-Secondary Sector

September 26, 2017

September 26th, 2017
For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – Today, students are happy to see the Government of Nova Scotia invest in their education with the announcement of the 2017/2018 Budget. The budget expands student financial aid and also introduces the new Innovate to Opportunity program.


NS Budget invests in student recommendations

April 28, 2017

April 27th, 2017

For Immediate Release

Halifax, NS – Today, students are happy to see the Nova Scotia Government invest in students through the 2017/2018 Budget. The budget announces $3.4 million for expansion to the Student Assistance program and the introduction of the “Innovate to Opportunity” program.


Students waiting for funding announcement in midst of spending commitments

April 6, 2017

Halifax, NS – This week, it’s reported that the government has made spending commitments of $65 million in March. Post-secondary students in Nova Scotia hope that the government will make the affordability of education a priority in the near future.

“We look forward to the future by investing in our students” said Chair of StudentsNS and SMU student, Collette Robert. “We know that by dedicating funds to post-secondary education, we will be investing in the province as a whole, and retain our graduates.”

Opportunity for All? Exploring the social Barriers to Post-Secondary Education in Nova Scotia

March 13, 2017

Halifax, NS – A report released this morning by StudentsNS reviews the social barriers that exist for accessing post-secondary education. It concludes that more action must be taken to ensure every Nova Scotian has the opportunity to pursue higher education.

Opportunity for All?: Exploring the Social Barriers to Post-Secondary Education in Nova Scotia recommends initiatives and policy changes that would break down barriers for students, improving their lives and the communities across our province.


Students release pre-budget submission that encourages smarter investments by government

February 6, 2017

Halifax, NS – Today, Students Nova Scotia publicly released their submission for the 2017 Nova Scotia budget. The submission, “Investing Smarter in Nova Scotia’s Students” encourages government to make smarter investments by reallocating existing funds to more meaningful programs, expanding the popular “Loan Forgiveness Program” and providing more opportunities for students to work while studying.


Students Kick Off Provincial Government Advocacy Week

November 7, 2016

Halifax, N.S. – This morning, student leaders from across the province arrived in Halifax to kick off their Annual Student Advocacy week. They will be meeting with MLAs and decision makers in the post-secondary education sector to encourage policy changes that will help students on campus.


Thumbs up for student loan repayment change

October 25, 2016

Halifax, N.S. – Today, Students Nova Scotia was pleased to welcome a new loan repayment threshold for graduates that are struggling to repay student debt. Students currently begin paying back student loans when they earn $20,000 a year. As of November 1st, students will not begin repayment on these loans until earning $25,000 a year.