Students Nova Scotia defends housing needs for International Students

March 18, 2016

Students who spoke to CBC News about the house on Payzant Street never made a formal complaint about their concerns. Research by Students Nova Scotia found that’s not unusual among international students.

“We looked specifically at international students as a population that may not have the local social support network in place to search for appropriate housing, or even know the city well enough to know what a good place to live in the city would be,” said Nick Head-Petersen, the executive director of Students Nova Scotia.

StFX grad new executive director with StudentsNS

August 21, 2015

Former StFX student union president Nick Head-Petersen has been named StudentsNS eighth executive director.
The announcement came in an Aug. 5 press release from the organization. It was also noted Head-Petersen served on StudentsNS board of directors during his time as StFX student union president.
“It is really a homecoming for me,” Head-Petersen said in the release.
“StudentsNS is the group representing the interests of students throughout the province and I look forward to my new role with the organization.”

N.S. student groups call on province to forgive student loans

August 5, 2015


“It’s a lot of debt relief and for students who are on the bubble of ‘Can I afford this? What will my life be like if I get this degree but am saddled with debt?’ I think it changes the calculation,” says Kyle Power, of Students Nova Scotia.