Deck collapse victim builds housing app to help other students

December 8, 2014

A woman who was injured in the collapse of a south-end deck is turning her experience into a tool for other students.

Amanda Lenko’s Nova Scotia College of Art and Design class is working on an app that could warn other students about poorly maintained properties.

Academica: StudentsNS releases report on barriers faced by students with disabilities

December 5, 2014

StudentsNS has released a new report addressing barriers faced by persons with disabilities in pursing PSE. Among the issues examined in the report are how “disability” is defined and contextualized in Canada society; current PSE support systems for students with disabilities; and barriers including those in the classroom, in institutional and government policy, and within student financial assistance programs.

Dice loaded at public forums on university funding

December 3, 2014

If all went according to plan, Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan’s public consultation process with representatives from the various constituencies composing Nova Scotia’s university system concluded by the end of November, having taken place over about a month.

Plenty of Apartments Near Dal Still for Rent

December 2, 2014

Coburg Road should be prime real estate for students: apartments nearby are on the major bus lines with quick access to convenience stores and supermarkets. It’s also near the downtown and just cross the street is Dalhousie. Saint Mary’s University isn’t far away either.