Meet Annie Sirois, StudentsNS Vice-Chair 2016-2017

August 19, 2016

Hello, my name is Annie Sirois. I am the Vice President External Affairs for the StFX Students’ Union and the Vice-Chair for StudentsNS. I am a third year Political Science and Development Studies Major at St.Francis Xavier University in small town Antigonish, Nova Scotia. StFX rests proudly in unseeded Mi’kmaw territory.  More

Introducing StudentsNS Chair 2016-2017, Collette Robert

August 17, 2016

As Chair of Students Nova Scotia, I am responsible for representing the views of the Board and membership as a whole, carrying forward your concerns. I oversee the fulltime staff,and act as the secondary spokesperson of the organization. In addition, I also enforce the bylaws and internal policies, and Chair the meetings of the Board of Students Nova Scotia.  More