University students could feel pinch from Nova Scotia budget

April 10, 2015

Universities in Nova Scotia will have a one-time, no-holds-barred opportunity to increase tuition rates.

The provincial budget, which dropped on Thursday, gives universities carte blanche to make a market adjustment in tuition so they can charge similar fees for similar programs. Schools are usually hampered by tuition increase caps set by the province.

Nova Scotia budget forecasts $98-million deficit, spending cuts

April 10, 2015

Universities would be allowed a one-time market adjustment to increase tuition fees. That means as of this fall, schools would be able to hike their tuition up to levels that universities in other provinces charge. A 3-per-cent cap on tuition increases would be restored the following school year for domestic undergraduate students.

“It’s a tough day for students,” said StudentsNS executive director Jonathan Williams. “When this government looks for a few spare dollars, it looks to young people.”

Sticking it to out-of-province students bound to backfire

April 2, 2015

Nova Scotia’s university system is among our strongest assets. In a province of fewer than one million people, we have 10 institutions operating with more than 44,000 students. Our success in attracting students from elsewhere has been the essential ingredient: almost half of our students come from other provinces (33 per cent) or countries (16 per cent).