Chronicle Herald Editorial: Don’t underestimate professors’ workload

February 25, 2013

Kyle Powers: StudentsNS Chair

Kent Groves’ Feb. 20 opinion piece “What did St. F.X. faculty gain? What did students lose?” provides an inaccurate characterization of professors’ responsibilities, not only at St. F.X., but at all universities in this province.I was very relieved to see students returning to classes this week after faculty and administration were able to reach a settlement last weekend, and while there were a number of issues that had to be resolved, faculty work ethic was never in question.It is important to recognize that teaching is not the only responsibility of faculty. More

Chronicle Herald: Students impress finance minister with assistance plan numbers

February 25, 2013

…MacDonald said she was impressed last week by a group of university students who came to a meeting with “modest asks” but no revenue ideas.

However, when she asked them where the money would come from, she said she got an instant response.

The minister declined to provide details, but StudentsNS spokesman Jonathan Williams said the suggestion was redirecting the graduate retention tax credit into student assistance so graduates would have a lower debt to start with.