Saint Mary’s Twitter scandal prompts consent talks

January 31, 2014

A Nova Scotia student group is offering up some thoughts on how to change attitudes about sex after 10 football players at Saint Mary’s University made headlines for tweeting sexist and racist remarks.

Review offers solutions to prevent sexual assaults on campus

January 21, 2014

Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) has released Student Safety in Nova Scotia: A Review of Student Union Policies and Practices to Prevent Sexual Violence. The independent review includes 21 recommendations for student union programming and advocacy to reduce the prevalence of sexual violence and foster communities where students respect and support each other.

“Students are among the most vulnerable to sexual assault and it is absolutely unacceptable that so many are being sexually assaulted each year”, said StudentsNS chair Amy Brierley. “This Review shows that student leadership is critical for changing the cultural dynamics that allow sexualized violence to happen and proposes concrete initiatives for our student unions.”

Review of sexual assault issues at Nova Scotia universities released

January 21, 2014

Students Nova Scotia has released an independent review that includes 21 recommendations for student unions to help reduce sexual violence and foster respect and support among students.

The review was launched in August with funding from the province. The author, independent consultant Anne Martell, conducted 81 interviews with student union leaders, university staff and other health experts. The participating student unions at Cape Breton University, Acadia, the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture, Mount St. Vincent Univeristy, St. Francis Xavier University and St. Mary’s University, as well as the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre each nominated a steering committee member to provide oversight for the Review and the upcoming campaign.

Advocacy group calls for provincial help with student debt in N.S.

January 7, 2014

Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) launched its #StudentsSpeakOut campaign on Monday to bring attention to the financial difficulties that many students face and how these impact on the entire province’s well-being.

The campaign includes video interviews with students and a petition to the province’s MLAs.

Student group wants N.S. government to rethink education loans

January 7, 2014

Students Nova Scotia launched a new campaign Monday designed to bring attention to the financial hardships faced by many students in the province.

Students from across the province were interviewed over the past year about their financial difficulties. Some talked about high five-figure loans that had to be repaid, and others about the multiple jobs they’ve taken to keep up with their bills.