Chronicle Herald Editorial: Health insurance for international students would make N.S. more inviting for settlement

January 30, 2013

This year, there are more than 6,000 international students studying at Nova Scotia’s post-secondary education institutions. The Chronicle Herald’s Jan. 26 story “No back burner for this cultural melting pot” highlighted these students’ incalculably valuable cultural contribution. Much attention has also been given to the fact that these students infuse our economy to the tune of $231 million per year and generate $3 in government revenue for every public dollar spent to support them. More

UNews: Mend the Gap program provides mentorship to encourage women to run for student council

January 23, 2013

When Students Nova Scotia held its student leader conference in May there was only one female president at a table with five men. Jonathan Williams, the organization’s executive director, was concerned about the lack of female representation.“Student unions are the only democratically legitimate organizations representing young Canadians,” he says. “It becomes particularly problematic that the people that are running those organizations are overwhelmingly men.”

Report asks universities to focus on more than growing enrolment

January 16, 2013

SYDNEY — A group that represents students is asking the province’s universities to consider allocating more of their government operating grant on areas other than enrolment growth.The provincial government uses the university funding distribution formula to provide grants to Nova Scotia’s 10 universities.