Board Officers:

Collette Robert: Chair

As Chair, Collette is responsible for upholding the internal policies of StudentsNS, organizing and chairing meetings, and is the secondary spokesperson for the organization. She is pursuing her Masters of Applied Science in Neuroscience at SMU. As a graduate of her BSc (Hons) in Psychology and a minor in Biology, Collette is a strong advocate for mental wellbeing and student accessibility. On a provincial level, Collette’s beliefs align with those of StudentsNS, and she is passionate about change among the students of Nova Scotia.

Annie Sirois: Vice-Chair

As Vice-Chair, Annie is responsible for the financial accountability of Students Nova Scotia; ensuring that all financial regulations and procedures are followed and producing, in conjunction with the Executive Director, a budget for the coming fiscal year. Annie is a third year Political Science major at St. FX. Growing up in Ottawa, Annie has been immersed in politics from a young age which has in turn fostered her enthusiasm for the field.

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