Board Officers:

Chair: Clancy McDaniel

As Chair, Clancy is responsible for upholding the internal policies of StudentsNS, organizing and chairing meetings, and is the spokesperson for the organization. She is a fourth-year student studying an Honours in Sociology with a Subsidiary in Development Studies at Saint Francis Xavier University. Having been a native of Nova Scotia all her life, she has firsthand experience navigating various student issues specific to this province. Throughout her time at ST FX, she has worked intimately with many groups on campus and is excited to represent students to the provincial government. Clancy’s top priority this year is to better advocate for underrepresented students, by crafting equitable policy asks and addressing differences in accessibility.

Vice-Chair: Ossama Nasrallah

As Vice-Chair, Ossama assists the Chair and Executive Director with the day to day work of the organization and is responsible for the financial accountability of Students Nova Scotia. He ensures that all financial regulations and procedures are followed and helps to manage the budget. Originally from Lebanon, Ossama is a fourth-year international student at Saint Mary’s University majoring in commerce.

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