Students Nova Scotia (StudentsNS) is an alliance of six autonomous Nova Scotia student associations. We are a professional organization that ensures students’ voice is heard by their government, media and communities.

StudentsNS’ mandate is to represent Nova Scotia students at the provincial level, and move forward four fundamental values:

Accessibility: Every qualified Nova Scotia resident who wishes to pursue post-secondary education should be able to do so, irrespective of their financial situation, socioeconomic or ethnic background, physical, psychological or mental disability, age, sexual orientation, geographic location, or any other factor other than qualification.

Affordability: The cost of post-secondary education in Nova Scotia should not cause undue hardship upon any student, restrict their ability to pursue the career path they choose, or make them financially unable to live in the community that they choose.

Quality: Policies, programs, and services in post-secondary education should meet student expectations to help prepare them for lifelong success, including in their citizenship, careers, and personal wellbeing.

Student Voice: Nova Scotia students must be empowered to actively participate in setting their post-secondary system’s direction via engagement through their representative student bodies, within their post-secondary institutions, and through the broader democratic process.

To achieve these ends we (1) research challenges affecting Nova Scotia students developing credible and constructive policy solutions, (2) publicly communicate to educate and affect the opinions of stakeholders, government and the public, (3) lobby government, (4) organize campaigns; and (5) build partnerships.

StudentsNS strives to always practice honesty, integrity, humility, openness, cooperation, democracy, responsible financial management, and long-term vision. We are committed to transparency, and records of decision-making, planning, and finances are available on our website.

StudentsNS is governed by a Board of Directors, comprised of one-to-two executives from each member student union. Decision-making is made by consensus as much as possible, though all member associations exercise equal votes excepting associate members who cannot vote. The Board is responsible for establishing the organization’s strategic orientation and annual priorities (see the Strategic Plan, Annual Plan and budget), deciding on policy (i.e. what we are asking government and universities to do), providing proper financial oversight, and evaluating the organization’s results. Board members are accountable for ensuring StudentsNS is always student-driven.

The Board of Directors elects a Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer as Board Officers. The Chair acts as spokesperson for the Board and direct supervisor to the Executive Director, and also facilitates board meetings. The Vice-Chair fulfills the duties of the Chair when she/he is not present, and is also responsible for maintaining records. Finally, the Treasurer ensures that all financial processes are conducted appropriately. The Executive Director is responsible for the day-to-day operations of StudentsNS and its staff.

StudentsNS is financed through a levy approved by the member associations according to their own by-laws and regulations. Currently, full-member fees are $5.77 per full-time student and $3.44 per part-time student, and associate member fees are $2.74 per full-time student and $1.63 per part-time student. All fees are indexed to the Nova Scotia Consumer Price Index.

To find out more about how StudentsNS is governed, please see our internal governance policies: