Hello, my name is Annie Sirois. I am the Vice President External Affairs for the StFX Students’ Union and the Vice-Chair for StudentsNS. I am a third year Political Science and Development Studies Major at St.Francis Xavier University in small town Antigonish, Nova Scotia. StFX rests proudly in unseeded Mi’kmaw territory. 

Annie Sirois Vice-Chair Headshot

I have had the pleasure of living in various places around the world, though my roots are strongest in Ottawa, Ontario. Growing up beside Parliament Hill has fostered my enthusiasm for politics from a young age. I have been on a form of student government consecutively since grade 8. As Vice President External Affairs I am the primary liaison between the municipal, provincial, and federal levels of government for the Students’ Union. As Vice-Chair of StudentsNS, in addition to my regular duties as a Board Member, I will be responsible for helping develop the budget with the Chair and Executive Director.

My goals within my VP office this year are to achieve high student voter turnout in the upcoming municipal and potentially provincial elections; develop strong, easily digestible policy to advocate on, and; to increase equitable participation within our own Union to ensure all voices are heard and represented. I am driven by making positive change for students in Canada and advocating in the best interest ofMsit No’kmaq (Mi’kmaw for ‘all my relations’). With everything I do, I work towards the goal of one day having post-secondary education accessible to all those that want it.


Contact Annie: su_external@stfx.ca