As Chair of Students Nova Scotia, I am responsible for representing the views of the Board and membership as a whole, carrying forward your concerns. I oversee the fulltime staff,and act as the secondary spokesperson of the organization. In addition, I also enforce the bylaws and internal policies, and Chair the meetings of the Board of Students Nova Scotia. 

Collette Robert Chair Headshot

I am passionate about providing access to education for all of the students of Nova Scotia. I understand all students have different needs, and I am committed to bridging the gap by advocating to our provincial government for the assistance that we need to succeed. My current role in student government is Vice President Equity & Wellness for the Saint Mary’s University Students’ Association (SMUSA). Previously, I served as a Board member for Students Nova Scotia and represented Graduate students on a federal level last year through our sister organization Canadian Alliance of Student Associations (CASA).

As a Bachelor of Science, Honors Thesis Psychology Alum, I now pursue my Masters of Applied Science in Neuroscience at SMU. I am drawn towards Mental Health and Medicine, and hope to eventually pursue Medical School or a health related role within government. I consider politics and advocating for students a hobby. However, outside of the political realm, I can be found training at the Crossfit Ironstone gym in Halifax or indulging in activities somewhere outdoors.

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