We’re here to make things easier for students. To that end, here’s a rundown of the most prescient information contained in Nova Scotia’s budget 2013 pulled out for your viewing pleasure.  
The most immediately impactful announcements for students are an:
  1. increase in the student loan-to-grant ratio to 60/40 ($1.9 million) for a $306 maximum benefit to a recipient student
  2. increase in the maximum weekly student loan allowance to $180 ($2.7 million) for a $340 maximum benefit to a recipient student
StudentsNS members asked for these two items in the pre-budget submission and, as our press release noted yesterday, were pleased to see their recommendations followed.
The third promise was to maintain the Nova Scotia Bursary, which reduces resident Nova Scotia students tuition, but at the same time creates a differential for Out-Of-Province (OOP) Students. At the same time, outside the budget the Province is allowing 3% per year tuition increases and unregulated tuition increases for international and professional students–that’s a problem.

Here are a few related items that are worth looking at, without commentary, for anyone interested:

  • another 3% cut to university operating grants, completing 10% ($34 million) in cuts over three years
  • a 0.8% increase in grants to the Nova Scotia Community College ($1.025 million)
  • continued funding to the University Innovation Fund—$10 million
  • pledge to hold Nova Scotia’s first Innovation Summit to spur commercialization of research and move Nova Scotia into a leadership position as a competitive and innovative force in the economy
  • investments in Mental Health and Addictions services, through the provincial mental health strategy.
  • encourage businesses to invest in training, skills development, and certifications and to hire students—$10.5 million
  • continue to match unemployed Nova Scotians with employers willing to give them the jobs, experience, and training they need—$3.5 million.
  • encourage Nova Scotians to continue learning in the workplace, by providing access to thousands of online courses and training tools, free of charge—$700,000
  • maintain a suite of innovation and learning programs to support small business owners who want to train employees, develop new products, and improve productivity—$13.9 million