Call for Feedback on International Student Position Paper Draft

Posted on March 19, 2013

Students Nova Scotia is inviting student feedback on the draft version of our latest position paper on International Students in Nova Scotia.

This paper considers the importance of international students for Nova Scotia and the challenges they face in the Province. International students are critically important for Nova Scotia’s present and future because of the economic and cultural wealth they bring, and especially because with out significant aging trend we need these students to maintain enrolment at our universities and as a source of potential immigrants. More»

Call for Feedback on Student Fees and University System Funding Position Paper

Posted on March 19, 2013

We are inviting student feedback on a second draft position paper on Student Fees and University System Funding.

This paper conducts a thorough assessment of all aspects of university system funding policy, with a particular emphasis on tuition and student fees policies. Our goal was to help neutralize the tired, interest-based rhetoric of the university funding debate and begin a constructive dialogue on how all those who stand to benefit from the university system can collaborate to move the university system and the Province forward on a more solid fiscal and economic footing. The paper builds upon our previous work by exploring answers to a few key foundational questions.

  1. How much does our university system actually cost?
  2. Who pays these costs?
  3. Who benefits from our universities? Do we receive good value for our money?
  4. Do we actually spend enough to achieve our goals for the system and the Province?
  5. What should we do differently?

This paper is in draft form and we invite your feedback on its contents. To provide feedback, please email Bob Parker at:


We look forward to hearing from you!

Metro News: Nova Scotia students oppose new fees

Posted on March 5, 2013

HALIFAX – A group representing student unions across Nova Scotia says universities are failing to properly consult students before charging new non-academic fees. Students Nova Scotia says its members have voted unanimously against any new ancillary fees until the universities agree to clear and binding terms of consultation. The group says student unions are supposed to be consulted before new fees are approved as per a memorandum of understanding between universities and the province.